Watermark Gravity

This example demonstrates how to use the watermark gravity. There are nine locations at which you can put the watermark (except when using the tile watermark), and this example puts a watermark on every one of these locations.



Here you can see the source image, the watermark image, and the result:

 Source Image  Watermark  Result

You can download the source for this example from here:

7 коментара to “Watermark Gravity”

  1. garfic Says:


    how i can i integrate it with my file upload?
    I want to upload files then process it with Asido..
    I seem have a difficulty knowing the image source if it’s not yet uploaded…


  2. admin Says:

    you wrote ti yourself – „…upload files then process it with Asido…“ – so you first have to be sure the files are uploaded to the server and that they are available, and then process them with Asido as with any other image you have access to on the server.

  3. garfic Says:


    more power! I going to use it in all of my applications that uses image manipulation!

  4. Rewt Says:

    Was wondering if there was a way to use Asido to add user inputted text to an existing image at predefined locations?

  5. admin Says:

    @Rewt: currently, Asido does not support such features.

  6. KenW Says:

    What is the best way to display the results of an asido object? I see a method called „__write()“, but using it like
    „@image->__write();“ generates an error….

  7. admin Says:

    __write() is a private(protected) method and it can not be used outside the boundaries of the class; if you want to see the results you have to save the asido_image by calling asido_image::save()

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